April 2, 2013

Is Happiness Really A Choice?


In this VLOG watch Bella Life founder, Nitika Chopra, really examine if happiness is truly a choice. The answer might surprise you and the goal is to help you with all of your tough choices in life, in a way that does NOT leave you feeling disempowered or weak for what you are feeling. Watch and leave a comment to let Nitika know how this video will help you with this very issue.

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  • Nakeia

    I am so grateful for this video!

    You couldn’t be more right! The “reality” of manifesting is very important— and is often lost in translation.

    In my practice, I teach the principle of aksing, seeking, and knocking—not just asking. I like to say “a want without action is just a wish.”

    Great video…thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Nitika Chopra

      Nakeia you are so right on!! I love what you say about wants and wishes, this is powerful stuff Beauty. I am so touched that you enjoyed the video and am sending you so much love <3



  • ravi bafana

    Hey Nitika, I really enjoyed this vlog and could see your passion about the topic of Happiness. Obviously, you have done a lot of thinking about this as it has related to your personal life and ALL of us, who are trying to find Happiness in the outside world need to look for it and feel it inside of you, kind of internalize it. One technique I would suggest along with others that you have mentioned is VISUALIZATION. Once you get in to habit of meditation along with visualization, a transformation starts happening that leads to inner calm, a feeling of content and at ease with your self leading to a feeling of Personal Happiness.

    • Nitika Chopra

      Thanks so much for this comment Ravi uncle!! You are SO right that visualization is an important part of the process of getting the happiness that we desire in this life time. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

      Love you!


      • ravi bafana

        Here’s a wonderful Buddha quote from my collection of “Buddha Thoughts”..hope and your readers enjoy it. A MAN ASKED LORD BUDDHA “I WANT HAPPINESS”. LORD BUDDHA SAID FIRST REMOVE “I”, THAT’S EGO. THEN REMOVE “WANT”, THAT’S DESIRE. SEE, NOW YOU ONLY LEFT WITH “HAPPINESS”.

        • Nitika Chopra

          I love this Ravi Uncle – thanks for sharing!!

  • Sarah

    great point, Nitika!

    Also, just choosing to be happy, or looking at the current situation in a more positive way (i.e. letting things go and not complaining), could have you living up a mediocre life and covering up your true desires!

    Agree, happiness is a choice if you do the work and be honest with yourself about what that happiness is for you.


    • Nitika Chopra

      Yesss Sarah – so true! Love this comment. Thanks for sharing your truth and my video on here and on Twitter! Love seeing you throughout the web world of Bella Life <3


  • Sarah

    Beautiful and empowering video! Sometimes I think we forget that our development takes hard work! And it is also important to remember that bad things happen and that’s okay! Sure we don’t love negative events in our life, but we must also understand that it is okay to feel down sometimes. What is important is that we learn and grow from life events, good and bad. We all can make change in our lives. And me must not overlook all of the small accomplishments we, because those are important and they add up! <3

  • Giovanna Price

    Loved this! So true and so succinctly communicated. We most certainly do have to do the work first and in my case it has taken decades to get to where it is even possible. Thank you x

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