April 9, 2014

It’s My Birthday This Week + I Want Something Super Special This Year….

I hope you all have been enjoying the beginning of my favorite month!  When I was younger, this month always meant that we were in the month of presents, birthday cake, celebrations and more presents.  One of my favorite gifts is a bouquet of flowers like this one I got for last years birthday.  I was honestly a kid who couldn’t get enough presents no matter how many amazing things my friends and family picked out for me.  As I have gotten older (turning 33 on Friday!) I have felt a huge shift when it comes to my birthday. It is no longer a time for me to sit back and take, take, take.  It is more a time of deep reflection where I acknowledge all I have been given throughout the entire last year.

I do this reflection pretty early on, as soon as the year begins, I know that in just a few short months it will be my birthday.  Reflecting on the past has always brought me a lot of valuable insights that has helped me to create the life I want to live.  I try to learn from my challenges and moments of being irrational or seek more of the moments of pure bliss.  It’s all valuable.  While looking at the past has always provided a lot for me, I find that declaring how I want my upcoming year to be is just as valuable.

For my 33rd year it has become really clear, that I don’t want my life to be all about ME.  I want to thank God in as many ways as possible, for all I have been blessed with.  My community of Beauties, my ability to be a full-time entrepreneur, the insane amazing friends + soul sisters in my life, my devoted and loving parents, my generous and caring brother, my health, and the list could honestly go on for days.  So this year, I am starting something that means so much to me and I hope you will join me!  I have decided to dedicate every year I am alive, starting with this year, to someone else who needs more love and support then I do.

My Birthday Giveback this year is…..to build a Bella School in Guatemala with Pencils of Promise.  YUP.  And with your help (even $5 makes a HUGE difference) this entire community can join together and make this amazing school for some Beautiful kids in a place where they need more then most of us could ever even imagine.  I don’t need presents this year, I already have so much, but I would be SO touched if you would take a moment and as much money as you feel comfortable with, and donate to OUR Bella School.  The school will say “From The Friends And Family of Bella Life” so it really will be from all of us – how cool is that?!

Thank you so much for making this year such a special one for me Beauties, I couldn’t love you more.

Love Always,

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  • Emily

    WOW! I love this Nitika! I admire your work in the world so much and hope to meet you!

  • Osha Key

    Happy belated birthday, Nitika! Your birthday wish and goal is fantastic! I found out about The Pencils of Promise through Marie Forleo, when she interviewed the founder, it really touched my heart. I wish you all the best with this project! <3

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