Letting Go Of Your Critical Mind

December 1, 2018 Career, Health

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote you a blog straight from my heart, just for you. Lately I have been creating a lot with new projects unfolding, events in the works and awesome content I get to create through partnerships. It’s such an incredible blessing how life has turned out so abundant this year, but I often find myself focusing on all the things that I haven’t done versus what I have. Can you relate?

It’s so easy to look on Instagram or browse my favorite blogs and compare myself to a content creator that is always sharing something new, while launching a new program, raising a baby and cooking the most delicious meals on the planet and immediately feel inadequate. I try not to let myself go there too often because I’ve been doing this long enough to know that comparing myself to others like this is a total joy killer, but even I have my moments where it creeps in.

The truth is, I have always let my intuition guide me to where I need to focus my attention and energy and it has pretty much never failed me. Although I can get caught up in all of the “shoulds” in my mind, when I tune in to the core truth in my body I am always lead to the exact right place. It can be a challenge to stop and listen to my truth sometimes but I make an effort to do this multiple times a day if possible and it helps me tremendously.

For example, I have been waking up every day this past week feeling weighed down by the pressure in my mind. I have been mentally pushing myself and telling myself that I should have created more content for you all, that I should be doing more videos or hop on Instagram Live more like so many of my peers do. No matter what work I have been doing all day, I have been discounting every bit of it with these thoughts of what I should have been doing instead. By the end of the week I was not only mentally exhausted but i found myself feeling the physical effects of these thoughts too. I felt a deep level of exhaustion, I was extra irritable and felt like I had very little to give those around me.

These symptoms are some of the most subtle but telling signs that I have something going on deeper and underneath the surface, which I might not realize just yet. It’s my sign that I need to get quiet, sit in stillness and start to listen for the messages from my voice within. I hear so many of my close friends and clients say that they know that they voice of their intuition exists but they often ignore it or don’t trust it. This is your sign from the Universe that it’s time you leaned in to the truth that internal voice is trying to share with you. Not sure how to do that exactly? I’ve got you!

Let Go Of Criticism + Drop Into Truth With These 3 Steps

1. Get Honest About Your Feels. Much of the time we don’t know how to let go of criticism and drop into our truth because we aren’t willing to admit that we are in a critical place to begin with. We want to brush things off, push past them and stay numb if we can. And that’s not a judgement, it’s what we have been trained to do for lifetimes and it’s up to us to un-learn these patterns. The first step in moving closer to your truth and further away from the negative weight from your thoughts, is to get honest about the fact that you are in funky town. That you’re not feeling great and that you’re being hard on yourself. That’s it.

2.Take A Mega Pause. Even if the realistic amount of time that you have to take a true pause is only 10 minutes, please do it. In a world that is so inundated with social media, fake news and  constant chaos, it can be hard to take time to just be still. That is why it is that much more important that you find a way to do so. It doesn’t have to look the way that it looks for me or your favorite Instagram Guru, find the way that feels most true to you. I used to put so much pressure on myself to meditate for 20 minutes every morning, pray a certain way, use mala beads and sage like the holistic witch of my wildest dreams. But when I got honest with myself, I learned that none of that really resonated with me. What feels best to me is to give myself a lot of space in the morning. I light incense, play beautiful and soothing music, clean my home a little and nourish my body with bone broth. That is my practice most mornings and I incorporate aspects of that throughout my day when I need a time to pause as well. So this is about finding out how YOU like to get silent. Do you want to go to a silent retreat and steep yourself in that? Go to the gym? Walk your dog? It’s up to you!

3.The Step By Step Approach. Once you’ve acknowledged that you’re stressing and created some space to hear your truth, it’s time to take some action! A little heads up though…I have learned that once I create this beautiful space within myself I tend to get really excited and want to start the cycle all over again by putting a ton on my plate because I feel so energetically refreshed. Please don’t do that! Start moving forward by taking ONE step at a time. Focus on one goal, one idea, one action item and move towards completing that. Then the next and the next and so on. We want to calm your critical thoughts and set yourself up for success, this is the healthiest way to ensure that happens.

I have had to pull these steps out of my toolbox multiple times over the past few weeks as the pressures of the end of the year and measuring my success start to creep in. I am sure a lot of it is stuff you’ve heard and maybe even tried before but how much are you actually integrating it into your daily life? Now is a great time to start this practice so that you enter 2019 feeling even more balanced and aligned with your truth than you maybe even thought was possible.

Now I want to hear from you my love! This is my favorite part about sharing MY truth with you. How did this blog impact you or make you reflect on something going on in your own life? Let me know in the comments below. Or are you still confused about how to incorporate some of these things into your current situation? Ask me anything that might come up in the comments and I will personally respond. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you for reading.

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