November 2, 2014

Never Feel Alone Again {How To Get Real Support}

In this video I take you back to a time in my life where I chose to be vulnerable and get real support from my loved ones, instead of trying to be tough and handle it all on my own.  I take you through the process and also let you in on why it’s so important.

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  • Kassandra

    Wow… I sooooooooo needed to watch this video. I’ve never thought of the idea of creating a love entourage and, right now, I think I need to create a love entourage around transforming my weight and health. At this moment, I’m dealing with infertility but as much as I’d like to have another baby, I think the creation of that has to begin with love for myself and my body first so I’m going to create a love entourage around me creating my best level of vitality. Thanks for sharing this amazing video Nikita!

  • Jennifer Combs

    I posted. You are correct on this. Many of us try to do so much on our own and I posted this one on my fb page. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Nitika

      So glad this was helpful Jennifer!! Lots of love xoxo

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