Nitika’s Eight Love-Filled Ways To Prep For 2013

December 26, 2012 Health, Relationships

Although the holidays are an incredibly exciting, vibrant and love-filled time of year, for many people it can also be a time to go in to a deep period of reflection and it can even trigger many areas of our lives that still feel unsettled.  I truly invite you to embrace all of it Beauties. Whatever you are feeling, just allow it to come up and be sure that you take care of yourself in the process.  This year I have felt both sides of this where some moments I am ready to drink hot chocolate with my besties and sing Christmas carols, and then at other moments I am really present to what a hard year 2012 was for me and for so many people I love.In that reflection, I know in my heart that 2013 is going to bring an abundance of exciting changes and so far it looks like this next year is going to be epic in a really thrilling way.  I feel so grateful for all of the lessons I have learned in 2012 even though they have been heart-wrenching at times and I hope you can take some time to have true gratitude for all that has happened in your life this past year as well.

I know that some of this is easier said then done so I made this awesome list of my 8 Ways To Prep For 2013 and I think it will really help you set powerful intentions for the new year.


Nitika’s Eight Ways To Prep For 2013

1.Hug at least 5 people that you love before January 1st.  Tightly. Be present to your immense love for them.

2. Allow at least one technology-free day.  Don’t feel obligated to answer texts or take phone calls, don’t post your every move on social media, and let go of your over-flowing inbox.  Just be where you are on that day, in that moment.  This will allow you to recharge in a powerful way for long-lasting effects.
3. Make a list of EVERY single thing that you are going to forgive yourself for from 2012.
4. Tell at least 5 people how they helped you get through this last year.  Look them in the eyes or write them a thoughtful note and really connect with them.  That acknowledgment will be food for their soul.
5. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes at some point on December 31st.  No electronics and no interruptions.  Some people call this meditation, but if that word freaks you out still, then just allow yourself to reflect on all that has happened in 2012 and all that you wish to happen in 2013.
6. Cook SOMETHING.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a cake out of the box or a delicious feast for someone you love.  Cooking is an incredibly therapeautic activity that can really allow you to get grounded in the current moment and bond with those you love.
7. Make a list of EVERY single thing that you are going to forgive others for from 2012.
8. Claim your visions!  I love making vision boards before the year ends because it allows me to craft the year ahead exactly how I want to.  So whether you are in to vision boards, a vision journal or just a prayer that you say out loud where you claim what you want, spend at least an hour claiming your visions for 2013.


I hope you feel more energized and ready to take on 2013, be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite way to prep before the new year, I would love to hear form you!  Sending you massive amounts of love Beauties!!


Thank you for reading.

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