Episode 46: Therapy, Acceptance, and Thriving: Insights with Minaa B.

April 12, 2024
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In this conversation, Nitika Chopra and Minaa B discuss the importance of therapy and taking action to work through life’s challenges.

Minaa B shares her personal story of struggling with depression and anxiety, and how therapy helped her heal. They explore the concept of finding meaning in life’s challenges and the role of acceptance in the healing process. The conversation also delves into the dynamics of friendships and the importance of clear communication. Minaa B emphasizes the power of radical acceptance and shares her perspective on what it means to thrive.

Minaa B. is a licensed social worker, mental health educator, and author of Owning Our Struggles. She is also the founder of a mental health consulting practice where she collaborates with organizations to help them develop psychological safety. Additionally, Minaa is the host of the Verywell Mind podcast, runs an advice column for Cosmopolitan magazine called Free Therapy, and is also a member of the Mental Health Advisory Committee for Wondermind, a mental fitness company co-founded by Selena Gomez.  An expert in her field, Minaa has been featured in various media outlets, including Red Table Talk, Peace of Mind with Taraji, Oprah Daily, Katie Couric Media, and more. Minaa currently resides in New York City.

The Topics We Explore In This Episode

  • Therapy is an important tool for working through life's challenges and past traumas.
  • Acceptance is the gateway to liberation and allows for growth and healing.
  • Friendships require clear communication and the ability to adjust expectations.
  • Radical acceptance involves acknowledging and accepting difficult emotions and experiences.
  • Thriving involves having a regulated nervous system and embracing both joy and hardship.


  • 00:00 - Introduction and Catching Up
  • 04:17 - The Importance of Therapy and Taking Action
  • 06:25 - Minaa B's Personal Story and Journey to Therapy
  • 09:57 - Finding Meaning in Life's Challenges
  • 13:52 - Acceptance as the Gateway to Liberation
  • 15:45 - Starting the Healing Process
  • 22:52 - Navigating Friendships and Growth
  • 30:34 - The Importance of Clear Communication in Friendships
  • 39:48 - The Power of Radical Acceptance
  • 44:37 - Thriving: Regulated Nervous System and Emotional Acceptance
  • 47:11 - Closing Remarks and Gratitude

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