Episode 48: Using Pain as a Portal to Purpose with Quddus Philippe

May 10, 2024
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Quddus Philippe and Nitika Chopra engage in a profound conversation exploring personal growth amidst societal pressures. They emphasize the significance of identifying one’s deepest purpose, trusting intuition, and navigating life with conviction. Reflecting on the transformative power of aligning with joy and embracing adversity as a catalyst for growth, they stress the importance of a supportive community. The discussion extends to the evolving role of social media as a platform for authentic connection and meaningful expression. Humility’s role in spiritual growth, career fulfillment’s balance, and embracing aging gracefully are also explored. Ultimately, the conversation encourages embracing authenticity, purpose-driven living, and meaningful connections as pathways to personal evolution.

Quddus Philippe is a sound facilitator and psychedelic guide dedicated to transformation and truth. Surrounded by the instruments he calls his “bandmates”, he offers individuals and groups a life changing experience known as Sound Sanctuary. Originally from humble beginnings in Canada, he started his career as a campus radio DJ then made a quantum leap, replacing Carson Daly as the host of MTV’s iconic show, Total Request Live. Describing his impact, TIME Magazine called Quddus “one of pop culture’s foremost tastemakers.” Meanwhile, as the founder and lead facilitator of The Creator Incubator, he’s mentored hundreds of emerging voices to make their dream project. After exploring the world of personal development and having a life changing experience, he became a certified life coach. Then, a shamanic training of the Q’ero tradition in Peru prompted a more spiritual awakening and the spark to also work with sound. He’s also the host of a new podcast about the world of psychedelics called Inside with Quddus.

The Topics We Explore In This Episode

  • Your pain can be the portal to your purpose.
  • Finding alignment with a higher purpose brings fulfillment and meaning to one's work.
  • It is important to become the observer of oneself and challenge negative self-perceptions.
  • Balancing scale and soul in one's career can be challenging but necessary for personal fulfillment.
  • Social media can have a significant impact on mental health, and it is important to create for the sake of creating rather than for external validation.
  • Finding centering in practices like sound can bring joy and authenticity to one's creative endeavors.


  • 00:00 - Introduction and Friendship
  • 04:00 - Navigating Self-Image and Aging
  • 05:36 - Society's Glorification of Youth
  • 07:27 - Becoming the Observer of Self
  • 09:22 - The Perception of Physical Appearance
  • 11:39 - Appreciating Quddus' Career
  • 14:19 - Honoring Soul Over Scale
  • 16:01 - The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  • 20:37 - Creating for the Sake of Creating
  • 22:15 - Finding Centering in Sound
  • 24:23 - Finding Your Deepest Purpose
  • 34:48 - The Circle of Influence
  • 40:04 - Thriving Through Devotion

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