Sharing The Light When Things Feel Extra Dark

October 6, 2018 Lifestyle

When creating content for all of you, I am always the most concerned with making sure that my content is as honest and empathetic as humanly possible. Which is why, when there is SO much going on in this world and in our country, it can feel tricky to share about the brand work that I do or the big event I just hosted. But you know what loves? I am a believer that everything has energy and I am incredibly grateful to the brands that I get to work with because they are all creating products or providing services that I know make millions of peoples lives so much better. Including my own! So I am taking this moment to spread some light in the midst of what feels like a lot of darkness to many people.

That’s part of why I created my Chronic Self-Love Dinner Series and I hosted my second dinner a few weeks ago on September 20th. It’s an evening where I curate the most impressive and inspiring influencers, media and brands to connect from their heart. The most rewarding part of this series is that everyone who is in the room could be put on their own pedestal for doing the incredible work that they do and achieving a profound level of success, but it’s SO not about that. Each person comes together from the heart to connect on what truly matters. The people who need our help the most and the journeys of survival and strength that lead many of us to do the work that we do.

These evenings wouldn’t be possible without my partners and I am deeply and forever grateful for each of them. The believe in me, they invest in me and they are doing the work to make sure that their company creates more good in this world. I thought you would want to know about them too so I have shared their information below. Be sure to check out their websites, follow them on Instagram and let me know if you want to learn more!

Trellis Egg Freezing Studio

When I first found out about Trellis I was beyond excited to hear how they are empowering women to own their fertility. Trellis is a brand new egg freezing studio located in the heart of Flatiron in New York City that has created a 360 approach to the entire process of freezing your eggs. Whether you need to freeze your eggs because of health reasons, because of your relationship status or while you work on your internal mindset and prepare yourself to have a child – Trellis is totally here to support you. Their studio feels much more like a spa than a doctors office and has you enjoying the experience rather than dreading it.

I have been writing for Healthline for a couple of years now and it has been an incredibly rewarding process to watch it grow in such an incredible way. With over 100 million people visiting every month they are clearly on to something. I have personally found their content to feel so incredibly relatable while being informative at the same time. I don’t feel like I am reading a generic article to help me with my very personal health struggles, I feel like I have a virtual friend to help me with the ups and downs of my health journey. That’s not a common feeling when visiting different sites in the medical field so I am super grateful to have discovered them and to get the chance to share them with all of you!

Virtue Hair Care

I can’t even believe Virtue is as epic as it is because it feels like the hair care company of my wildest dreams! I discovered this brand recently and feel like I might never try another hair product again. I am obsessed with their hair mask and use their recovery shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair but my absolute FAVE product is their dry shampoo. I have never found one that is this light, smells this good and actually works in my hair for the whole day. No more residue feeling and my hair looks incredible with every use. Not to mention their products are free or parabens, sulfates, dyes and basically anything you wouldn’t want in your hair and that is a MAJOR bonus.

Y01 Catskills

I had the absolute pleasure of checking out Y01 at their grand opening over the summer and was totally blown away by how beautiful the property was. The commitment that Y01 has to their guests is to facilitate real and lasting change by steeping them in ancient ayurvedic and yogic traditions that align the mind, body and soul. Everything from mindful meditation to healing spa treatments and even carefully curated organic meals to have you entering a new level of bliss from the inside-out. They also have some awesome retreats and events at Y01 so be sure to checkout their offerings and book a trip there this fall!

Piper Wai

While a lot of people complain that natural deodorant doesn’t work, that’s simply not the case for Piper Wai. Their deodorant is a charcoal crème deodorant created with no harmful ingredients, leaving you at ease with what’s on your body. The key ingredient in PiperWai is activated charcoal, which neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture without aluminum, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. Its 100% natural ingredients form an invisible, absorbent, pH-balanced shield on your underarms that neutralizes odor and protects your clothes from perspiration. And, it’s perfect for use on sensitive skin!

Asha Patel

Asha has been an incredible virtual friend for years now and I wear a piece of her jewelry almost everyday. Whether it’s her chokers, her gorgeous rose quartz prism necklace or one of her elegant rings, I am obsessed with her whole line. She’s also so generous with my audience and offers all of you 15% off her entire site when you use the code BELLA. Be sure to tag us on Instagram when you are wearing one of her items – I can’t wait to see what you buy!

I hope this added a little light to your computer today, I know we could all use it! As I mentioned, these brands are doing incredible work and it’s an honor to share them with you. Leave me a comment below if you have questions about anything I mentioned or want to learn more, I always love hearing from you!

IMAGE: By Olga of MissO Photo

This post was made possible by all of the brands listed above however I only work with brands I feel truly aligned with and that I love. Please know that all opinions are from my heart and honest representations of how I feel. I am grateful to get to work with companies I resonate with so much.

Thank you for reading.

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