October 6, 2014

Stop Being Perfect

I went through a TON of changes this summer + haven’t spoken to you all in a really long time. Watch this weeks video and leave me a comment below!

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  • Dawn

    Well, I have been on an interesting journey myself this summer and God has been showing me that it is time to remove the excess in my life so that I don’t lose myself under the weight of it all. This is not only physical weight loss, but mental and spiritual as well. I have to challenge myself to throw out all expectations I have allowed to be my reality and just LIVE my life day by day…

    • Nitika Chopra

      Sounds like you have some amazing clarity right now Dawn! I love that and am excited to see how things continue to unfold for you. Keep up the great work + know you are loved xo

  • G

    Hi Nitika, thanks for sharing your vulnerability. Ironically it was the “perfect” message for me today (and, I suspect, for many other people)! You are fortunate to be coming to this realisation at a young age; perfectionism is something I still struggle with in my 50s, though for me it does not usually result in believing I must look perfectly beautiful. It is more about having such an ideal vision in my mind about a goal that I psych myself out and become frozen in inaction. I have made strides but it’s good to be reminded that sometimes,it’s better to do things imperfectly, rather than not at all. All the best to you.

    • Nitika Chopra

      Wow, G, I am so touched by your comment!! I have experienced the “analysis paralysis” that you are describing many times. I can totally relate. These days 50’s are the new 40’s so you still have tons of time to implement this new realization of yours. So excited to see how your life continues to unfold!! xo

  • Tiffany Parker

    Nitika- your vulnerability is beautiful. I have been feeling the weight of this topic over the past couple months, especially when viewing the world through the ‘social media filter’. Everyone posts their best and it’s easy to feel like your falling apart in comparison! I think this message of stop being perfect and be who you really are is more important than we all realize.

    P.S. Good for you for stepping away from videos and newsletters for a bit, to work on you. Its important to let people know it’s okay to do that.


    • Nitika Chopra

      Hi Tiffany! Thanks so much for your comment, I am so glad to see that this video resonates with you. Yeah, it’s been an on-going process for me to keep owning my truth and not comparing any of it to others. Sounds like you are working on the same so keep up the amazing work beauty!!! Sending lots of love your way xoxo

  • Nikka

    Thank you for this video. I believe a lot of people out there struggle with an addiction to validation including myself. We all want to matter and we like that feeling of appreciation so I think this a very common condition. But, not to the point where it overpowers you where you are
    constantly looking for it. And yes, you never feel satisfied or content. You also become resentful and inadequate if the outcome doesn’t match your expectations. I take that step to practice humility and gratitude. I also believe in doing something because you feel passionate about it and you care about it, so the number count won’t really matter to you. Also, being in service of others does quiet your ego because you want to help others and make the world a better place.

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