February 29, 2012

STOP Your Money From Being Funny!

Check out Nitika Chopra’s latest Meditate On This video and stop your money from being FUNNY!

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  • Ashley Taylor

    Such a great topic Nitika 🙂

    I agree its only when you bring your money out on the table that you can truly learn how much you have + where you are spending unnecessary amounts. I’ve learned that by facing my money is when the universe recognizes that i can handle more abundance. Once I made the shift in how I looked at my money is when mega shifts happened all over my life!

    x’s + o’s
    Ashley Taylor
    THE Confidence Coach

  • Mishel Herrera

    Girl, you would LOVE my money spreadsheet. I began it one year ago (after a rough break up & my ex moved out). And wouldn’t you know it… it’s COLOR co-ordinated and sassy. Yes, i think you’d dig it 🙂

  • Nitika Chopra

    Ashley – Nice work beautiful!! keep it up <3

    Mishel - I would LOVE to see your money sheet!! Email it to me!

    Sending love to both you beauties.


    Nitika <3

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