July 25, 2015

The Entrepreneur’s Version of Vacation


Being an entrepreneur often means you’re always working. Because, let’s be honest, the productivity of your business is usually 100% dependent on you.

This makes it SO easy to get sucked into working 24/7, forgetting to give yourself much needed breaks, and even a vacation! Taking time to rest and reflect is uber important no matter what stage of the entrepreneur game you’re in.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “If I stop, I’ll get behind or potentially lose money in the long run.” BUT just like it’s essential to rest after an intense workout, it’s just as important to rest between long hours of business building. Being intentional about doing great work, but also setting aside time to rest, have fun, and take mini-breaks is one of the keys to success. Trust me.

I’ve found that taking at least one restful moment everyday goes a long way. Throughout your 8, 10, or 12 hours of work, sprinkle in deep breaths, uplifting conversations, and a little stretching–anything that gives you a chance to recharge.

My favorite thing? Calling a friend who makes me laugh. Since I’m such a verbal processor, sitting in front of the computer all day can feel totally isolating. So I always create space for little chats with people who help lift my energy, boost my mood, or give me a giggle. I find that the moment I hang up the phone, I feel re-inspired to create great work.

My second favorite thing? Naps. I never used to take them, but sometimes I feel so exhausted by my to-do list, the only thing left to do is dive into my bed and close my eyes. I’ve found that taking a 20-60 minute nap alleviates stress and fatigue every time; I always wake up feeling rested and ready to get to work.

My fancy favorite thing? Investing in affordable weekend getaways with girlfriends. Over the years, I’ve gone to Woodstock with my friend Rachel and taken a road trip up to Vermont with 20 awesome, lady entrepreneurs. I even took a week long vacation to visit my friend Sarah in San Francisco using my airline miles. And earlier this month, me and two of my bestie entrepreneurs went to Mexico for 4 days (pictured above, and also posted on Instagram). These simple, mini vacations not only force me to step away from the computer, get back to nature, and reconnect with myself sans technology, but they also don’t break the bank!

Some of my best friends have used their entrepreneurial freedom creatively. Like my friend Kavita–she loves LA and lives there for about 50% of the year. But her homebase is in New York. This bi-coastal set up almost feels like a vacation for her in and of itself. Her mindset is refreshed when she’s in this new environment, allowing her to create from a brand new point of view.

Whether you’re just starting out or your business is skyrocketing, remember to create space for yourself to just be, breath, and reconnect with the present moment. Plan a fun getaway or local adventure. Get creative with your location freedom. Do whatever feels good so that you always create from a place of power and ease.

Are you an entrepreneur or super busy professional? How do you get R&R amidst your busy work lifestyle? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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  • Elizabeth

    Awesome post as always! I am a student at IIN so I’m trying to juggle school and a family and starting a business. My best way to take a break from it all is to start my day with a break…an amazing cup of coffee and some time to breathe/pray/meditate before the rest of my family gets up. It’s my life line! Also, staying in contact with my true friends.

    • Nitika

      Oh YES! I so love that Elizabeth! Starting your day with a break is a beautiful reminder for all of us. Great work!! Lots of love xoxo

  • Michele

    Such a great post! I’m such a fanatic about having balance in your life. If you’re gonna work hard, you’ve got to rest and play hard too! I also dedicate time in the morning to read, pray and gear myself up for the day. In the middle of the day, I make it a point to give myself a straight up lunch break. It’s usually 45 minutes to an hour of no work, no email, no texting, but just eating and listening to good music or catching up on my fav show. I’m really practicing how to be 100% present in everything that I do, not doing one thing and thinking about what I’ve go to do later on. Oh and naps! Love them! I don’t take them all that much, but when I do, they’re glorious.

    • Nitika

      I so love your enthusiasm Michele!! Yes yes. And I love how you see that taking breaks and creating time to rest is actually allowing you to be more present. SO true and not something that everyone always realizes. Amazing!! Lots of love xoxo

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