August 6, 2016

The Truth is We’re All Insecure


So we’ve talked about FOMO, compare and despair, and all the horrible games our minds play with us as we browse the internet many times on this blog. I find it’s super important to discuss these things openly because they have triggered many downward spirals of insecurity that are almost impossible to yank myself out of. I could be having a beautiful day, super happy and completely living my purpose and then all of a sudden, I see someone on social media is doing something really cool and it makes me feel left out, unsuccessful, and super anxious.

“Wait, why didn’t they hire me?”
“Does she not like me? Why wasn’t I invited?”
“OMG, she has way more followers than I do. UGH.”
“Does she work out like everyday? How is she so skinny?”
“She made 6 figures in how many months? Crap, I am useless.”

Yep, I had most of these thoughts just last week. They come up constantly, and yet more often than not, I am also portraying a very shiny, idealistic life on social media. Don’t get me wrong, my life is shiny but it can also be completely dull. Truth.

The purpose of sharing all of this with you is to give you a friendly reminder that every single person you know is insecure — all of us are.

That’s not to say that everyone is insecure about the same thing. But we all have our unique struggle. Where one person might feel super confident with their relationships, they might be also hiding that their bank account is pretty lackluster.

Knowing that we’re all insecure isn’t meant to encourage you to walk around feeling arrogant with this knowledge, but rather compassionate with yourself and the people around you. You’re not alone. What a relief! And sometimes when you get into a situation with someone where they aren’t acting in a way that makes sense to you, coming back to this realization that we’re all insecure can help. Because oftentimes it’s our insecurities that create the biggest discourse in our lives — with ourselves and others.

So loves, I hope this friendly reminder has been helpful and that you’re able to go through your day with a little bit more awareness.

Before you leave this page, I want you to think of 10 things that you love about yourself. I know that might seem like a lot and that you may have internally just freaked out. But I promise you can do it. Even if the only thing you can think of is something simple like your shoes or your best friend, it doesn’t matter, just think of something. And know the next time you go down that insecure rabbit hole, the ability to remind yourself of why you’re great is just on the other side of it.

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  • Nikka

    Thank you for this post because it is true. We are all insecure about something because no one is perfect. In our minds, we want to think this person is perfect or has the perfect life, but we usually can’t see beneath the facade. There are always more layers to the story than the eye can see. But, I agree that we are all united in our struggles…it’s still pain, loss, grief, suffering, etc. It may be different struggles, but pain is pain, hurt is hurt. Compassion is what opens the heart.

    • Nitika

      Yes exactly Nikka! I love this, thank you for sharing. Lots of love xx

  • KP

    Hey Nitika
    Been following you for about a week now, and I find a lot of things here that resonate with me. Today, I specifically came here to see what you had to say about insecurities – going through a really bad bout of one today. And need some guidance. I feel like all my life I have felt that no one likes me, takes me for granted, and in this belief I have actually pushed people away. And now, yeah you guessed it, I feel so lonely I can’t find my way through.
    I know this belief is the root cause and I need to let it go, but not sure how.
    Any advice?

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