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March 5, 2017 Beauty

Over the past year (especially the last six months) one thing that has become incredibly clear to me is that as a community, we are not willing to settle anymore.  Not that we were actively willing to settle before, but there was a sense of passiveness and acceptance that even I was ok with.  Like, how bad will this really get if I just let it go and accept where it is, versus strive for more?  It’s fine, right?  And no, I am not just talking about our political climate and the state of our country, I am talking about our own lives and how good we can truly stand it.

The tricky thing is that a lot of you want more but genuinely have zero clue how to access it.  More love, more abundance, more joy, less self-doubt, less anxiety, more adventure and the list could keep going. We want it and we finally feel ready for it, but how do we get from one place to another without running the risk of going down the self-help rabbit hole of a lot of talk with little results?  Well I am hoping that this blog is a bold and beautiful first step towards you creating a foundation of self-love for yourself, which allows you to then create more of what you truly desire.

I have said time and time again that this journey we are on together is really about being more committed to your happiness than to your suffering and my loves, that commitment can start right in this moment if you have even the slightest willingness. So are you ready to get this self-love party started?  I thought you might be.

This week I want to share some beautiful rituals that you can do with yourself, right now, and I teamed up with my friends at Frecklefarm Organics to take things to the next level! I have always believed that beauty is an incredibly powerful access point to self-love and it’s honestly one of the easiest ways to start incorporating more love in your life right now. Because most of us have to wash our faces at least once a day (hopefully twice!) anyway or apply moisturizer, it’s super simple to add a little bit of intention during that time with ourselves.  

Rituals For Self-Love:enchanted goddess set

1.Soak in truth. I wasn’t always a bath person, especially when I was really sick and covered with psoriasis from head-to-toe.  Being in the water used to hurt my skin so the last thing I wanted to do was sit in it for 30 minutes!  But as my skin healed, I started to realize just how healing and powerful bath time can be.  Last night, I filled my tub and poured in a generous amount of Frecklefarm Organics Luminous Body Elixir.  The smells from that were so healing on their own with a special combination of rosehip oil, red raspberry oil, blackberry oil, an exotic blend of essential oils and more.  And as I lay in my tub, surrounded by this beautiful aroma which was moisturising my body, I began to get quiet enough to really hear what my body was trying to say to me. I felt it’s exhaustion on a cellular level, I felt it’s fear, I felt the fact that it carried guilt for not being healthier and I felt it’s sadness. So I took that in and just like I would a young child, I soothed my sweet little body and spoke to her lovingly.  If you can get quiet enough you will be guided to say exactly what your body needs to hear and last night my body needed to hear that I trust her, that I love her just as she is and understand she’s doing the best she can and that I think she’s beautiful no matter what her skin looks like.  I felt my cells take that in and it was incredibly powerful.

So can you be brave enough to soak in your truth?  I promise you that you won’t regret it. And if you need a little support with what to say to yourself, try one of these affirmations below.  It might not feel completely true for you yet, but there really is a payoff to faking it until you make it and that especially rings true with this exercise.

My dear body who has been with me through everything, I love you so much.

I know you’re doing your best, I love you for all you’ve done for me, even if I don’t always show it.

You are perfect just as you are. I promise.

2. Revel In Your Face.  I know that might sound a little silly, to revel in your face, but I promise you there’s an art to it with major benefits.  I remember the first time I really started practicing this and how strange it was but ultimately it was incredibly healing and it’s now a part of my daily practice.  I would love for you to get to that same place!  So if you’re going to cleanse and moisturize your face anyway, let’s take those moments to really take you in. I started using the Frecklefarm Organics Rose Hibiscus Toner as a part of my beauty routine and I am literally obsessed with the calming and soothing scent, I pretty much can’t finish my day without it now.  So when I am spritzing and toning my skin, I repeat the following affirmations to myself and I stare straight into my eyes while doing it. Again, some of these might seem untrue or like a stretch for you, but I promise you will start to be able to take them in if you just start and try.

I wipe away anything that might have caused you pain today. You are so loved.

I am surrounding you with love and light, because you so deserve it.

You bring joy, light and beauty into this world just by being you. Thank God for you.

3. Moisturize Your Mayhem Away.  So even if you don’t take baths that often, or you’ve never used a toner before (I recommend starting both immediately, by the way!) almost all of us moisturize our faces on a daily basis.  There are so many different moisturizers to choose from but when I tried Frecklefarm Organics Revitalizing Youth Serum which is infused with 24K Gold, I knew I had found something super special for my delicate skin.  As I spend the final moments with my skin every night while moisturizing, I truly take this time to love the heck out of myself.  Your skin deserves every bit of love that you can give it and I promise when you start this practice, you will begin to feel the difference on a cellular level. Just try it and see what happens. For this part of your skincare routine, try saying these affirmations below.

You are so beautiful and I love you deeply, I’m sorry that sometimes I don’t know how to show it. I promise my love for you is there and I feel it deeply.

I am so proud of you. For being a beautiful friend an incredible partner and for always striving to give and do your best. You are incredible.

You are an angel on this earth and are doing freaking GREAT.  I know it doesn’t always feel that way, but I see you and I honor you. You are so incredibly loved.

My loves, I know that everyone has their own ways to nurture their skin but this blog was really about so much more than the mundane and second-nature routines that we have created for ourselves over the years.  This blog is about using beauty and skincare as an incredible access point to self-love so that you can actually start to FEEL and SEE the love you have for yourself in a real way. Trust me when I say that it works if you work it.

Now I want to hear from you, have you ever tried anything like this before?  Was it helpful and how did you feel after?  Or if you have any questions about Frecklefarm Organics and these products please leave them below so I can support you with getting the product that is right for you. Also, the beautiful founder of Frecklefarm Organics wants to extend an exclusive discount for all of you, so use code NITIKA20OFF to get 20% off of your oder!!!

I love you all so much and am always honored and grateful when I get to be a part of your self-love journey.

Thank you for reading.

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