December 5, 2014

What To Do When You Feel Helpless

This is the most vulnerable and blunt I have EVER been in a video. I put it all out there in regards to how I feel about the current state of America + what we can do about it. Check it out and act NOW.

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  • Stef Ziev

    Beautifully stated, Nitika! I like you all natural, vulnerable and powerful. Important topic with a very clear way to support people in being “On the Hook!” Thank you for sharing. Xo

    • Nitika Chopra

      Thanks Stef! So glad you enjoyed the video – being more authentic is sooo needed!! xo

  • Stephanie

    I want to thank you for being open, vulnerable and courageous in love! I’m so grateful to have your work as a resource to me in my healing journey and in my quest to try to be my best self. Thank you for showing up in your feelings when you did-I know this video is from last year, but it’s still so timely for me! It’s so easy (but really uncomfortable on a soul level) to ignore these hurtful issues that we face in humanity and even in our day-to-day lives. I’m constantly having to tap into my compassion and my resources in moments of helplessness so I really appreciate this.


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