What’s The Point Of Being Grateful?

November 29, 2013 Health

Giving thanks is something a lot of us are taught to do from childhood, but what’s the point?  This year I don’t want you to sit at another long table, saying a bunch of empty words. I want you To start incorporating your gratitude daily, not just on Thanksgiving.

Giving thanks is not a band-aid for reality. It’s not something you say or do because you don’t want to dwell in pain or because you want to be “good”. It’s an act of devotion. An act of acknowledgment. It’s healing and powerful. It’s enlightening and fulfilling. It’s your commitment to being grounded in a higher vibration of energy versus a low vibration of energy.You have one life. One stretch of time to give it all you’ve got, love as much as you can, feel as much as possible and rise up to the truth that has been within in you since the day you were born. Now, for some people this might seem like a lot of pressure, and I get that but that’s not the intention. My intention is to get you to wake up to what’s possible and for those of you who feel like they didn’t get their roadmap to possibility when everyone else got theirs, I need you to know that the roadmap starts with gratitude.
Some of the most painful points of my life when nothing made sense, my heart was broken and my body aching, the only anchor I had was gratitude. What I know for sure is that gratitude works. So this Thanksgiving I invite you to start a tradition that you can take with you in to your daily life. Practice seeing the opportunity for gratitude in every encounter, every experience, even every internal conversation. As I said before, this is not to pretend or put a temporary band-aid on top of a wound, just to practice flexing your faith muscle in a simple way. Practice knowing that things aren’t happening too you, they’re happening for you. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Beauties out there celebrating!

Thank you for reading.

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