Why Essential Oils are My Personal Mood Enhancers

December 20, 2015 Beauty, Health, Videos/Podcast

Truth: I used to be a little intimidated by essential oils. And if I’m being really honest, I didn’t believe they actually did anything other than smell good. Well, I was wrong and completely blown away once I started experimenting with them over the last year. I now carry around bottles of my favorite scents wherever I go and they have literally changed my life.

Feeling a tad stressed? Lavender to the wrist.
Feeling tired? Frankincense and lemon to the face.
Feeling flighty? Sandalwood and rose to the rescue.

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you why these scents have made such a huge difference in my mood, and I’ll also share with you 4 amazing blends I am obsessing over right now.

Get watching! And be sure to join the conversation in the comments below. If you’re an essential oil junkie too, I want to hear about your favorite scents. If you haven’t dabbled in essential oils yet and have questions, please ask away!

Reboot from Naturopathica’s Aromatic Alchemy Collection.
Neelu Yogini Bliss.
Vata Perfume Oil.

Thank you for reading.

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