You Deserve To Feel Insanely Good

April 4, 2012 Health

I went to the gym this morning and that is exactly what I thought to myself. “Nitika, you deserve to feel this good.”  I worked out for the first time in longer then I care to admit and I was able to finish off my work out with about 10 minutes in the steam room.  I felt like I was in heaven, and suddenly realized I have had so much resistance around something that truly makes me feel insanely good.  I bet if you look in your life you will find at least one thing that you love to do but some how never find the time for it.  Well I am here to tell you that you deserve to be happy, feel loved, connect with with those who light you up, be in a state of bliss and treat yourself with the unconditional and divine love that you were created with.  Beauties I want you to acknowledge your fears and discomfort with an incredible amount of compassion in hand and move forward in your life.

 I hosted a Colorful Conversations event on Monday night (pictured here) and I have to be honest, it split my spirit wide open in the most exciting way.  We are all the same, we all have fears, we all have points of pain and despair, but what are you willing to do with your life in the face of all of those things?  For myself, I was willing to go to the gym this morning even when I felt exhausted and I was willing to host a panel of women where 70 beautiful guests showed up, even though I was honestly terrified inside.

So this week I want you to ask your self, are you willing to do what it takes to feel INSANELY good?  Are you willing to walk through the fires and fears in life and move closer and closer to your destiny?  I know you have it in you, the world is in your hands Beauty, allow yourself to embrace it.  Sending much love to you on your journey and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this over on the site!

Thank you for reading.

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